My Favorite Things- or at least a few of them…

It’s only late October and I’m already in full Christmas-preparedness mode.  I’ve dusted off my sewing machine and started the search for special gifts for special loved ones.  Whenever I spy something unusual and special- the kind of thing that I know one of my children would love- I hear tiny ensembles play Jingle Bells in my head.  If the gift sings to me, I know it is a keeper.  If not, I leave it behind.

Today I snagged a one-of-a-kind catch that makes me so excited that I can barely keep it a secret until the yule log blazes.  Scoring such an item got me thinking of my family’s favorite things, and thinking of those things led me to think of my favorite things.  Most of these are not items that can be wrapped in colored paper or stuffed into a stocking, but at my age, there isn’t a bunch of “stuff” I want or need anyway.  However, if you want to join me in a little mental vacation, smile through the following list with me.  And then, make one of your own.

                  Twenty Favorite Things

  1. The smell of percale sheets that have been dried outside on a cold blustery day.
  2. Drinking my first cup of morning coffee under the covers while I watch the morning news and check my email.
  3. The sound of my children laughing when they don’t know I am listening.
  4. Turning up the car radio so it’s one decibel below the point of breaking glass.
  5. Watching someone I love open a gift I made especially for them.
  6. A long hot shower on a frigid January morning.
  7. Dinner with as many family and friends as can be crowded around one table.
  8. Toasted homemade bread slathered with melting butter.
  9. An August breeze that smells of newly mown hay.
  10. Catching a wave in the Atlantic Ocean and riding it all the way to shore.
  11.  Finishing an entire crossword puzzle without cheating.
  12. Dinner and a margarita on a sunny deck after work.
  13. A ninety minute massage by a therapist who doesn’t want to chatter and ask questions.
  14. The memory of my parents laughing at Johnny Carson while I lay in my bed.
  15. Kissing the head of my newborn baby.
  16. Trying on a pair of pants and finding that they are too loose.
  17. Comfortable shoes.
  18. Standing next to my brothers, or anyone else who towers over me, so for once in my life I do not feel like a giraffe.
  19. Hitting a harmony so the notes hang in the air as if they are crystalized.
  20. Knowing that I get to live another day to enjoy numbers 1-19.
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